Juhl Energy Services Inc.
Juhl Tower Services Inc.

"We currently provide various services to over 20 wind farm LLCs We have over 30 team members of JESI with a focus on hiring recent veterans of our U.S. Armed Forces."

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JESI Contact Information:
1502 17th St. SE
Pipestone, MN 56164

(877) JUHL WIN
(877) 584-5946

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Juhl Energy Services
Wind Farm Operations and Maintenance

The Juhl team has been providing operations, maintenance, administrative and warranty services to wind turbine projects for over 35 years across all types of systems. Today, our JESI subsidiary delivers the highest quality of wind farm services anchored by industry leading monitoring, reporting and safety procedures. We currently provide various services to well over 20 wind farm LLCs. In addition to our wind services, we also provide service to owners and operators of medium-scale generating plants.

The Types of Customers We Serve:

Existing Wind Farm Owners and Operators
Independent Wind Farm Owners
Utility Operators
Municipal Operations
University Central Plant
Owners of on-site power systems

Services We Provide:

Administrative Services
24/7 on-site operations
24/7 off-site monitoring
Full range of maintenance services
Wind turbine operations, maintenance and warranty work.
Generator operations and maintenance.
Central plant operations and maintenance.

Are you interested in cell tower services?

Juhl Tower Contact Info:
600 W Jackson Blvd
Suite 600
Chicago, Il 60661

(312) 466-1540  

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Juhl Tower Services Inc.
Cell Tower Services

Juhl Tower Inc was launched as a natural extension of our JESI subsidiary to expand our tower service offerings beyond wind turbines and into the cell and radio tower industries. We utilize our core disciplines from years of highly demanding work on wind turbine towers as the foundation of our work in Juhl Tower. These disciplines include state-of-the-art monitoring, reporting and safety procedures. We currently have tower crews working throughout the Midwest and are expanding rapidly.

The Types of Customers We Serve:

Leading cellular companies
Owners of existing cell towers
Turf Vendor suppliers to the cellular industry

Services We Provide:

Maintenance and upgrade work.
Full range of antenna and ancillary equipment testing
Complete cell tower design
Complete cell tower construction
Safety training