As a leading provider of competitive, clean energy solutions, Juhl Energy is organized around operating subsidiaries, our divisions, that we believe provide the right level of focus for our clients. We have a highly integrated team that cross over from company to company and work together every day and in whatever way is needed to serve our customers.

Formerly Juhl Wind, we led the development of community-based wind power with our farmer partners in rural America. We now provide a full range of clean energy solutions with a focus on wind, solar, biomass and natural gas systems. Following 35 years of Dan Juhl’s focus on renewable energy, Juhl Energy now has several operating subsidiaries and over 60 employees with offices in Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Juhl Energy Development Inc./Juhl Wind Inc. 


  • Farmers
  • Other large landowners
  • Industrial Sites
  • Large Commercial Sites
  • Municipal Utilities
  • Municipal centers
  • Universities
  • Hospital campuses
  • Large-scale resorts



Our large-scale wind, solar, cogeneration and other energy systems development subsidiary.

JEDI Main Services

  • Wind farm feasibility studies
  • Complete wind farm development including full financing, construction, ownership and operation.
  • On-site, wind power development, ownership and operation.
  • On-site cogeneration
  • Solar systems


Contact – Corey Juhl, Vice President JEDI

Juhl Energy Services Inc.  


  • Existing Wind Farm Operators
  • Utility Operators
  • IPPs
  • Municipal Operations
  • University Central Plant


Our subsidiary that provides administrative services, day to day operations and full-scale maintenance services for large-scale wind, solar and other energy assets.

Main Services

  • Administrative Services
  • 24/7 on-site operations
  • Monitoring
  • Full range of maintenance services
  • Wind tower services


Contact – Tyler Juhl, Vice President JESI

Juhl Energy Consulting Inc.        Power Engineers Collaborative


  • Electric Utilities
  • IPPs
  • Industrial Sites
  • Municipal Operations
  • University Central Plant


This is our subsidiary primarily made up of Power Engineers Collaborative. A long-standing power engineering consulting firm.

Main Services

  • Large-scale Power Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Coal
  • Natural Gas
  • Biomass
  • Energy Modeling, LEED Certified
  • Controls and Instrumentation

Contact – George Shibyama, Founder and Principal, PEC


Juhl Renewable Energy Systems Inc.



  • Homeowners
  • Small Businesses
  • Municipal Buildings
  • Regional, multi-site businesses such as banks, hotels, retail stores
  • School Buildings
  • Small to medium college facilities


Our division that sells and services wind and solar systems for homeowners, small business, municipal governements, schools and farming operations.  We will also lease and own & operate on site systems for these same customer groups.

Main Products and Services

  • Solarbank – an easy to use, pre-packaged solar system.
  • Powerbank – a clean, simple back-up power system by JRES
  • Windharvester – 30 kW wind turbine.  The only distributed wind turbine on the market that utilizes advanced wind turbine controls found on large scale wind farm operations
  • Solar and Wind systems sales and service
  • Lease options
  • On-site ownership and operation by Juhl for you.

Contact – Aaron Thibert, Vice President JRES

Juhl Renewable Assets Inc.


Investors, Partners and Liquidators

  • Qualified investors interested in investing directly in clean energy assets with Juhl
  • Indpendent owners of wind farms looking for liquidity
  • Utility owners of wind farms approaching the end of their PTC life
  • Developers of new clean energy assets looking for an investing partner

Our subsidiary that owns and operates wind and solar systems today and is actively looking to develop or acquire interests in cogen, biomass, waste-to-energy and other energy assets we believe are part of a clean and competitive energy future.

Main Initiatives

  • Juhl Renewable Asset Preferred Stock available to individual and institutional investors to invest alongside Juhl Energy in our current and future fleet of clean energy systems.
  • Acquisition of existing wind farms.
  • Acquisition of existing solar systems.
  • Acquisition of other clean energy systems or older systems needing retrofit to cleaner fuels.
  • Co-development of new, clean energy systems.


Contact – John Brand, CFO Juhl Energy Inc.


To date, our Juhl family of companies has provide the finest in service to well over 1000 customers, farmers, energy asset investors and large-scale clients including utilities, parks, schools, universities, county and municipal governments.